Need advice!

Hi guys,
I’ve just ordered a new Raspy Pi B 2 so now I’ll have my old B+ and my new B2…
at the moment I use the B+ as media centre with Raspbmc and I’ve also installed aMule and Transmission daemons so that I can also use it as “download centre”. All my videos and the downloads folders are in a USB HD connected directly to the Raspy.
When I’ll receive the new Raspy, do you suggest me to use it in the same way with OSMC or it will be better to use the old raspy as a NAS and/or download centre?


This is going to be a personal choice thing.
I think it depends on things like -
how would you communicate between the two?
would you need another display device?
how would you control the two?
where would the database for the download & videos be hosted?


Shared (mysql)database (both Pi’s need to run same version)?

Option would be to tweak the OSCM like you have the raspbmc, than get rit of rasbmc and install OSMC and make that sort of a backup system, install your NAS/Download stuff but keep it idle till you need it in case of emergency/testing stuff

That would mean both on OSMC, as the dbase version depends on Kodi, and you cannot (easily) update Kodi on raspbmc.

I think there may be another thread in the forum on (effectively) moving the database content.

I’m not sure but I think Emby, see this thread, may be the solution to your dilemma though I have not tried it myself yet.