Need an OSMC skin developer

Hi Everyone,

I am working on an OSMC project and need the default skin to be modified to be a minimal kiosk. I have the full spec, just don’t have the skills. I have a budget and would appreciate the support.

Many thanks and have a great day!

Hello there :blush: I don’t have much time, so wouldn’t be able to assist much. There’s already an option in the skin settings to set a kiosk mode. Would that suffice by any chance?

Thanks Chillbo,

I looked at this and the the kiosk feature covers about 80% of the interface needs. I need some customisation of some of these kiosk screens.

I looked at the documentation and some tutorials, I can probably do it but why spend hours learning skills for a one time implementation. :wink:

What is difficult is to find a “skinner”. I have looked on Upwork and other freelance platforms with not much luck

FYI skins often require updates when Kodi updates so unless your working on something that will be stuck in time it wouldn’t be a one time thing.

Well, you’re talking to the skinner of the OSMC skin… If it’s smaller or rather trivial things, I might be able to give some assistance. Or maybe some of your aims might even fit our skin and we could corporate some of them. So, what do you have in mind?