Need constant power for raspberry pi

Hi, I’m using a raspberry pi which is connected to a gps. What we do is we plug the raspberry pi to a truck with a car charger so we can track it. But the problem we are facing is that when the truck moves around a lot and the raspberry pi losses its power. Currently we are using and adjustable voltage regulator but that keeps moving since the truck is always on the move. We are looking to use an exact 5.3V voltage regulator for the pi to keep the pi to have constant power.

Is there any advice on what we should to keep the raspberry pi on?
Or any links to exact 5.3V Voltage Regulator?

Muhammad Rehman

I would recommend to direct this question to a Raspberry Pi forum as this is a hardware question that is out of scope for what we do.

This should do the job.

I do something similar with my Weather station (only it does not move around).
Have a Battery LiIo and connected a power stabilizer to it to charge the battery.
In fact, the voltage is kept at 5V, the solar array charges when there is enough sun, if not it directs whatever power is available from the solar array to the PI and drains the difference from LiIo backup battery.
In your case, you don’t need a huge battery, only one that is able to actually catch the power interruptions etc.
FYI - a Raspberry PI Zero W + the weather station stuff requires around 120mA constant current. So it does not require much. @fzinken link to the IPS Pico is the logical choice for you to use.