Need help: display thumbnail through ssh x11 forwarding

I would like to log in to the vero4k+ with ssh and enabled X11 forwarding, navigate to the thumbnails folder and display some of the thumbnail files using “display” from imagemagick. the thumbnail should be displayed on the ssh client’s xserver (my laptop).

i successfully installed imagemagick using apt.

display returns the following error: display-im6.q16: unable to open X server ' @ error/display.c/DisplayImageCommand/433.

I am using the same .ssh/config as on my other linux servers, and there this works without a problem.

The vero4k+ machine gives me X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0 on login, which explains why the display command wouldn’t work.

But why would the forwarding not work?

Any help appreciated…


X11 isn’t installed by default.

Thanks Tom.

OK X11 is not installed, but it is also not needed (so your answer is kind of misleading). I am talking about an x-client connecting the ssh x11-proxy to connect to the x-server on my laptop. It suffices that the laptop has an x-server, the osmc box does need one for this.

It suffices to install xauth and to enable X11 forwarding for sshd:
sudo apt install xauth
sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
X11Forwarding yes

I have it working on a Pi3. For my test, I installed x11-apps and can run xclock.

This bit is odd:

Did you restart ssh? If yes, I’d suggest you reboot. What’s the output when you add -v to the ssh command?


Sorry never needed to use x11forwarding before, so a bit out of my area of knowledge.

I’ve now tested on my vero4k and have confirmed this works:


sudo systemctl restart sshd

If rebooting does’t working as dilthedog suggests, you try adding the following to sshd_config:

x11UseLocalhost no

Thanks Tom.

Thanks it worked fine after what I wrote. Otherwise I would have added whats necessary or asked for further help. Thanks again.

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