Need help getting started using OSMC on a rp2

I just received my raspberry pi 2
placing it into a Plusberry Case with a 2tb hdd that should appear as a usb drive
not sure how to properly partition, format and mount the hdd
looking for SIMPLE instructions that I could follow

I would like to partition it like this
50 gig OS partition to store OSMC, etc
the rest as storage for content

I know the pi boots from the SD card but I have seen someware that you can
set that it continues from the hdd to prevent corruption issues


SD card corruption is not really an issue these days.

Personally I would use an 8GB or (preferably) 16GB SD card to install the entire OS onto and put all your media files on the external hard drive. 16GB is more than enough for anything you are ever likely to install, and for the Kodi library (metadata, thumbnails etc) whilst keeping the actual media files on an external drive.

If you ever need to reinstall the system you won’t lose your media and you can plug the media drive into another computer if you ever need to. If you do a “USB install” where OSMC is installed on the external drive, if you ever have a major crash and have to reinstall it you’ll lose all your media as well as the installer wipes the entire drive for a USB install.

I created the SD using a image and wrote it using win32disc imager

I will want to add the retro pi gaming later

you are write I will use a 32 gb sd and image it tomorrow

my main problem is that I cannot see the hdd right now and would like it to be the default place that OSMC looks for the media

not sure how I go about that


Do you have specific power supply for hdd, or it is USB on the Pi ?
If it is pi USB, First you have to have power supply 2Amper. You have to set osmc. Setting, Myosmc, raspiconfig, gpu mem and connect, max usb curent activated.

The plus berry case has its own power supply
The case has a built in usb hub with a built in usb to sata controller
The drive now appears
I would like it to be the default storage area for all the videos and the images such as dvd covers

Working on building the file structure and looking for ideas on how to download the covers etc
I have heard about a media manager and am looking at that
Right now just copying video files to the hdd

The case is supposed to support a external connection via usb to appear as a external drive to a pc

But when I tried it it only showed half the drive size and wanted me to format it

I had took it out of the case and connected it via a USB adapter and it saw all 1.8tb and let me format it

When I connected back in all of the videos that I had copied appeared

Looking for any suggestions on the best way to arrange the file structure