Need help on sad face looping

I search all support threads in this page and I can’t find related post so I create a new one and I hope someone can help me.

I am using Raspberry Pi 3B with Hifiberry AMP2 and official 7" touch screen. When I install OSMC latest version on Pi 3B only and HDMI out does not have any problem and I loaded all necessary media. When I plug in AMP2 and touch screen then I got blank screen after boot. I follow some of the support that adding remark ## on some of the dtoverlay. It successfully showing the blue screen but with sad face looping without changes.

I am afraid this is not “clean” in my previous installation then I completely install new image with new SD card and OSMC installation exe for installation. Remark ## some dtoverlay related to VMS, adding dtoverlay hifiberry-dacplus. The result is same as previous version.

Below is the log file and someone can help me?

Thanks a lot!

Does it work if you revert your changes and just connect via HDMI?

Thanks for your reply. I remove all the remark, unplug the touch screen cable and connected to HDMI, the resolution became FHD but sad face still coming and looping.

Can you please upload new logs?
Also in the logs there is a preseed error. Did you use preseed to configure network?

Preseed means i set wifi setting during installation through OSMC installer? yes I did.

I can’t connect internet with raspberry pi right now, I will upload it later. However, I tried new installation again (use default wired network) without remark. I found that I can see the OSMC interface through HDMI but I can’t see anything in touch screen (very light strip only). If I remark dtoverlay vc4-kms-v3d then sad face again looping in touch screen.

Ok, AFAIK there are currently issues with the preseed in the OSMC installer, I would skip that for the time being.

Well at least we know that the basic setup works

Officially OSMC is not supporting anything else than the kms driver. So I guess it is about to figure out how you can use kms and spi together and also have the right memory allocation which is crucial. And could try combination with fkms but then you would be also outside of the official OSMC option.