Need help troubleshooting video buffering

I’m suffering from video buffering and then the video stream stopping. How do I pinpoint the culprit?
I’m running a Vero 4k+ updated to OSMC march 2022 version. This is happening watching PVR/TV streams, especially Fox News and Hallmark channel shows. I’m using IPTV Simple client. I’m on a 50Mbs WISP service, and various Internet speed tests show 40-45Mbps download. Router shows streaming bandwidth of 400 - 500 KBps when streaming these shows.
How do I determine if it’s an inadequate stream bandwidth, or issues in the IPTV Simple client or elsewhere in OSMC?



  • You could do a speedtest (although this will only check external connectivity)
  • You could do an iperf test to a local machine on the network to rule out connectivity issues.
  • Lastly, some logs might show some issues.

Your post history suggests you are familiar with the command line, so I think you will be OK with all of these. My only suggestion is to install speedtest-cli from the Git repo directly instead of apt-get, because the Debian version is old and has a threading (low throughput) issue.