Need help with OSMC+Spotify+hifiberry DIGI+

I need help with the use of a Hifiberry DIGI+ sound card on my pi3.

I wrote this howto to setup a spotify connect server on my OSMC:

So far so good. Everything works when using HDMI.

Now I want to connect a Hifiberry Digi+ sound card. Here the problems start, which all have to do with the availability of the soundcard, which results in an error “device or resource busy”.

What I can’t do:

  • have the spotify connect server and OSMC work with the same sound card (digi+).
    This results in an error at the spotify connect server: “device or resource busy”, which I didn’t have when using the HDMI output in the same way.

What I can do:
1 have both simultaneously use the HDMI output (sound+video)
2 have OSMC use the digi+
3 have spotify connect use the digi+, and simultaneously let OSMC use the HDMI output (sound+video)

Ad 3: when I change the input on my AV-receiver, I can hear both are active. This happens only when I select “output=HDMI” in OSMC. The spotify connect server somehow automatically uses the digi+

So my conclusion is: OSMC blocks the digi+, so other programs can’t use it (even when OSMC is not playing anything).

Am I right?
Does anyone have a solution?

No one has a solution?

I found similar problems, but no solution yet.

There must be some way to make sure OSMC releases the soundcard when not playing anything. Could there be another module, maybe an alternative for or a tool with the ALSA(-utils)? Some script maybe?