Need information : (how much mW audio output power)


need to now the how much is the power audio on 3.5mm mini-jack, please?

I have a rasberry pi 3 and is not enough power for my little Genelec 6010!
is the Vero more powerfull for audio output?

best regards

That surprises me. Your Genelec has a quoted sensitivity of -6dBu for 90dB SPL output. A Pi3 puts out about -9dBu so should drive your speakers close to their max. Check the volume set in ALSA for the bcm2835 Headphones device. You may have to install alsa-utils:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

Then run:


As for Vero, it would be marginally (2dB) more ‘powerful’ than the Pi with your speakers and it will be substantially better quality audio.

Hi thank you for your help.
I make it is a bit better, but when i listen music i’m close to the max.
My question is, the Vero is more powerfull than the PI3 ?

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Yes. But it’s difficult to be sure by how much. The volume you get depends on the input impedance of your speaker and also the circuitry of Vero 4k has changed from time to time. Based on some tests I did here on my Vero and RPi and the quoted input impedance of 10kohms, my guess is Vero will be 2-3dB louder than RPi3. That’s not much of a difference so if your RPi is a long way short of what you want you may find Vero’s output too low as well.

Genelec’s products seem to be aimed at the professional market and professional line levels are a lot higher than consumer product line levels.

Sorry I can’t be more precise than that.

Thanks very much for your information.
the RPI3 is particulary weak i think.
Yes i make music and take some others monitors (PSI) and put my small Genelec where i go make holidays to watching movies and listen some music.
For the moment i use a DAC (my old Ibasso DX80 is perfect) with the RPI3 but the battery is dead and find an anthor solution (without battery not enougth power to turn it on with rpi3). :frowning:
good evening, and thank again.


Maybe, i will add a dac output on PI3
have a nice evening