Need Some Help with a Project


I have just started using my Raspberry Pi 3 and I have a bit of a predicament with choosing my OS that will fit my needs the best. I want to have a way to have a slideshow go through a bunch of pictures and when someone taps on the touch screen, it will come up with a list of images with more information about the picture, it will also need to have the ability to implement sign up sheets and other interactive things like that. Does anyone out there know of a program that will let me do things like that? Will this OS help me out since it’s Open Source and I would have more flexibility? Thank you in advance.

Osmc is as open source as raspbian.
You should probably use raspbian with a custom program to do what you want.
This has the advantage that you can use x11.

If you are not a programmer, I’d suggest learning some python. Or search if anybody else has done something like that already.

You might want to look at feh as a simple fullscreen picture viewer with a tiled view of thumbnails and afaik can show descriptions for them.