Need to delete Addons27.db and all it's gone for ever?

For a my purpose test i have delete this files from here:

I have restart my Pi2 and… all it’s gone for ever :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

I have open a ftp connection and i see all file structure it’s ok… i see all my usually folder of all my repo but apparently nothigs it’s can accessible from Kodi on tv.

OMG ? I have completely messed up my setup ?? I need to re-install all manually ? All repo ? All addons ? It’s impossible :frowning:

Please say to it’s it’s wrong…

Oh… i see now all my previously addons it’s not enabled!!
But please… it’s exist somethigs like a ssh command to enable all or i need to enable one at one manually ?

If you delete all the Database files, everything is indeed gone.

No… i have only delete the Addons27.db files and restart my Pi2.
At boot i have found all my previous addons disabled and i have need to re-enable all manually… i have need to re-enable all my repo addons and some dependencies…

The purpose of deleting the addons database is to clear it out. So you have to start over by enabling desired addons.

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No… i have a problems whit update a repo and some addons. I have read over internet that deleted only this files can resolve the issue but not exactly :slight_smile:
Infact i not lost everythings but apparently all third part repo and addons it’s only disabled at the restart.

I have to do re-enable how i need and now it’s only check if my issue it’s resolved…