Need to know osmc version

How to find what version osmc is in downloaded image, on download page by some reason there is only release date, very confusing.

OSMC version is defined by it’s release date :wink:
Do you mean which Kodi Version is in which OSMC Release?

The OSMC version can be found in the left corner of the My OSMC page.

Yes it what I mean. If I need to download OSMC 18.5, which image I need?
It’s hard to understood why download web page do not show kodi version,
but only release date.

Probably I’m was not clear. On download web page what does in mean:“OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20181101.img.gz) 9a04b9438a3bbef1c2cdcf78885bbf7a” in terms of version of OSMC (KODI) inside of this image?

To do that matching you would have to check Blog - OSMC for release changes

If I need to download OSMC ver.18.5, which image I need to download?
It’s hard to understood why download web page do not show kodi version,
but only release date.

Isn’t it easy simply to make name of image something as OSMC_TGT kodi ver. 18.5_rbp2_20181101.img.gz?
In the link you provided I’ll need to make deep research where is this info hided.
OSMC have millions customers, so it will needed for them million hours to find some infi,
which is easily to provide in download web page.


Thank you for help. Actually I still not understood why it is not in the name of image itself. I’m just imaging how many 1000000 people straggling to find needed info without obvious reason.

Wow, yours NO is explain everything.
I’m just imaging how many 1000000 people’s straggling to find needed info without obvious reason.
This is good example of GOOGLE’s style relationship with their customer.

No, it is neither simple or easy to do what you what you desire regarding specifying kodi versions for each image. There are no millions of users who wish to use old, deprecated software either. So it clearly makes more sense to focus OSMC’s limited resources on improving future versions, not re-catalogging defunct software.

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Re-cataloging? Why it not implemented in a first place? It doesn’t eat any resource if you would do it from beginning. I’m agreed that now it become difficult, but still not reason not do it in current releases.
Regarding 1000000, even if there 100000 or 10000, its not a reason to wasting their precious life time for nothing. And old versions is not deprecated, many people preferred continuing using older, but more capable versions, rather than wasting time to straggling use newest.

Just for fun, I decided (using my very slow HughesNet) to see just how long it would take me to find the original 18.5 release. It took about 20 seconds to find that it was released on Nov 17, 2019 and maybe around 20 more seconds to find the corresponding image.

I seriously doubt that even 10’s of people are interested in staying on an almost 2 year old version. Most people want the latest, or maybe one prior release.

You should be thinking about what you are using that depends on such an old version of Kodi, and realize the security implications of staying on an old version.


Catch example:
Hundred thousands people used Sony Android TV, most of them is used kodi, practically every one have xvid avi files, only kodi ver. 16.7 and early able to play xvid video, so newest kodi is forced you to recoding it to mp4 or use outdated version.

On my Pi kodi installed ver.18.5 compilled 29/01/2020. Not Nov 17, 2019 as you find.

Since osmc kodi ver. 18 my Pi3 do not allow me use USB D-Link 5G WI-FI adaptor. Early versions have no problem with it. So I have to use oasc with kodi 17, until organised Ethernet cable connections.
I’m wasn’t ready to searching solutions for it on web, that always time consuming.

Maybe it is a fun, but not for me and thousand other users.

No mater if we use outdated ver, if it satisfied our demand.

It there were thousands of others wanting this, we would be flooded with requests. There has only been one request for this: You.

If staying on 18.5 is so important for you then just make a local copy of that image. The last monthly release before 18.6 was Feb 16, 2020.

And I don’t understand your arguments at all. You jump around from using 16.7 (for xvid) to needing V17 for your WiFi adaptor. And I believe that xvid in an AVI works fine on even the latest release.

Proof of this? I’m fairly certain that I have xvid avi files that work fine on 19.1. And again, I’d think if hundereds of thousands of people can’t play xvid/avi then we would be flooded with complaints. Are we aren’t.

EDIT: I do have lots of xvid/avi files. And they all play perfect on both my Vero 4K and my old Pi2 on V19 (Vero) and V18 (Pi, I haven’t updated that one to V19 yet). So where did you get the idea that they don’t play?

That’s tied to the kernel version, not the Kodi version. So if we did add the Kodi release to the image files, it wouldn’t help you! Did you ever ask for help here with the WiFi issue? It could have been something simple that could have been fixed for you.

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Sorry mate, unfortunately you probably didn’t get that I wrote “catch example”. This is example why people can be prefered to stay with old version’s apps. This is regarding how newest kodi fails on Sony AndroidTV! OSMC not installed on android, isn’t? You won’t be flooded with complaints. THIS IS EXAMPLE. You need Just accept that we are not computers guru. Most users prefered to return to the working ver of apps, if newest fails, rather then try to working with developers. Only enthusiasts try to sorting out such issues here.
Same is with me - I just returned to earlier ver osmc, rather than dive into kerner versions issue. Trust me 90% of users thinking that kerner it is a some sort of nuts.

And you are absolutely right, osmc perfectly playing avi files. OSMC is the best kodi solutions.
But there is some issues as well.
My friend trying to play on Pi3 downloaded movies, but it freezing every few sec. He installed fresh latest OSMC, but no lucks. He asked me to advice. I gave him my microSD from my working Pi3 with ver 18.5, and its play with no problems at all.
He asked me to help find original image osmc with 18.5 kodi, he struggled to find it himself, here no any links to it. I’d finded ver 18.5 Nov 2019, and he installed fresh osmc 18.5, no luck, movies still freezing. I managed to made shrinking 2.6Gb image from my 32Gb sd card and this works as charm.
You said that last monthly release before 18.6 was Feb 16, 2020, where I can find it?
Looks as only osmc 18.5 with latest monthly release able to play any files.