Neither ssh nor wget solutions working

Continuing the discussion from Upgrade Failed:

I am failing mightily with this. I am not good with terminal. I have sshed in (or so I think)
ssh osmc@10.0…
from my Mac and it does not ask me for a password right away. So I keep going ahead with

sudo -s
umount /boot
fsck.hfsplus /dev/sda1 (or /dev/sdb1 if you are on a USB install)
mount /boot
apt-get -f install

eventually it asks me for a password. I type in “osmc”; it doesn’t work. I hit carriage return. It doesn’t work. I type in “root”; it doesn’t work. Each time it says, “Sorry, try again.”

When I try:
wget -O- | bash

I get:
-bash: wget: command not found

I started with the frown face tonght and now after two hours, I have this to show:

Wait unitl it asks you for a username. Enter osmc.
Then wait to be asked for a password. Enter osmc. Then enter the commands.

The above looks like you better reinstall osmc…

Can you even rip out /boot without kernel panic?