Netboot OSMC


I’ve got multiple RPI’s running OSMC around the house, and it would be nice to manage only one image, so updates to config etc are propagated to the other RPI’s.

I’ve come across this thread for mounting the rootfs from an NFS share (read-only) and using tmpfs for any writes. I thought I’d ask if anyone has had any experience with this, or if this is simply a no go from the start?


If you type “nfs install” into the search field (top right) you get many thread. So it is definitely possible. Maybe first read through them maybe one gives you already some insight.

Non of the thread cover multiple RPI’s using the same NFS install, this is my question.

Simple answer: sharing an NFS root among several pi’s is not as simple as it sounds.

Would PiNet be what you are looking for?

Unlikely… One of the biggest issues would be with mirroring the same network configurations to multiple pi’s on the same LAN… This would clearly be a large stumbling block.