Netdata – A Real-Time Performance Monitoring Tool for Linux Systems

Seen here :

Netdata is a extremely optimized Linux utility that provides real-time (per second) performance monitoring for Linux systems, applications, SNMP devices, etc. and shows full interactive charts that absolutely render all collected values over the web browser to analyze them.

This is what it monitors:

Total and Per Core CPU usage, interrupts, softirqs and frequency.
Total Memory, RAM, Swap and Kernel usage.
Disk I/O (per disk: bandwidth, operations, backlog, utilization, etc).
Monitors Network interfaces including: bandwidth, packets, errors, drops, etc).
Monitors Netfilter / iptables Linux firewall connections, events, errors, etc.
Processes (running, blocked, forks, active, etc).
System Applications with the process tree (CPU, memory, swap, disk reads/writes, threads, etc).
Apache and Nginx Status monitoring with mod_status.
MySQL database monitoring: queries, updates, locks, issues, threads, etc.
Postfix email server message queue.
Squid proxy server bandwidth and requests monitoring.
Hardware sensors (temperature, voltage, fans, power, humidity, etc).
SNMP devices.

I’ll give it a try next week.

You might want to read this if you consider running it on the Pi

not that difficult to installed messed around with it a while ago but its just stats and stats on OSMC is pretty useless unless your using it for something else at the same time.

I think i’m going to postpone my intention to install it.:relaxed:

dont get discouraged by our post try it and see if you get any use of it who know you might get but this tool is better for a server thats performing tasks not a mediacenter but again this is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I wrote it.
20MB of RAM for 1 hour of data.
I run it on all my RPis.

On RPi1 edit the configuration and set update every = 5.
On the quad core ones, per second data collection is fine.
If it takes too much CPU for your taste, increase apps.plugin update frequency to 5. This is the most expensive.


Run it on two of my servers is there an option to disable settings ? haven’t found any in the documentation

disable settings?

Once you install it, the file /etc/netdata/netdata.conf will be created. You can also download it from http://your.server:19999/netdata.conf (auto-generated).

Thousands of settings.
Edit them to your preference.

if i just want graphs and no options to change settings in the top right by hiding that meny is there an option for that ?

hope that brings some clarity :slight_smile:

The settings are only your browser settings (each viewer has its own).
You cannot (currently) change netdata server settings from the web page.

good to know :slight_smile:

I found it easier using this tutorial:

Seems like total overkill just to monitor a Raspberry Pi. What about htop, iftop, nethogs and good-ol’ monitoring the logs?

Also, imaginative use of the inbuilt Linux commands e.g.

#get top 10 processes eating memory
ps auxf | sort -nr -k 4 | head -10

#get top 10 processes eating cpu
ps auxf | sort -nr -k 3 | head -10

#See what's using diskspace
du -Sh | sort -n -r |more

#see currently connected ports
sudo netstat -n -A inet


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