Netflix (and Android) on Vero?

Just gained access to a Netflix account. I remember Sam mentioning that Vero will run Netflix. Does this actually exist, or is it still vaporware? How can I access Netflix through Vero without being a Linux guru?

I think Android was mentioned in the same breath as Netflix. Any updates on that capability?


We can offer an Android image that can indeed run Netflix via Android. You can also use the Play Store, but as we are not Google Play certified, you would have to supply that application yourself.

The delay for the Android release is caused by two things:

  • Getting remote support to work in Android, with the on-screen keyboard
  • Getting WiFi to work properly under Android

If neither of these are a priority to you, send me an email and I can send you an early test image by the weekend for you to play with. I’ll upload it here when I have some more feedback.


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Thanks, Sam. Wi-Fi is not an issue for me, but I am not sure about the remote support with the on-screen keyboard. I’m not sure I understand what that even means.

Further, I’m not familiar with the process I’d need to follow to utilize this image you are offering, nor do I understand the part about supplying the Netflix application myself. This all sounds very geeky to me, which is not what I really want to have to deal with. Frankly, I was hoping this would all be more easily accessible, something akin to downloading and installing an add-on.

The route you are suggesting reminds me of an old Volkswagon Beetle repair manual I once had which had “remove engine” as “step 1” for changing a clutch (with no further detail).


Wifi is not an issue for me. Never used wifi for my mediacenter.
I guess that a USB keyboard will work, and thats fine by me. The remote would be nicer, but it not a showstopper if it is not working.


Hi Guys,
Any updates here, I would love to be able to side load in some streaming apps

I’ll throw my hat in the ring to test that, as well. Please let us know when there is an image to be tested, Sam, thanks. :wink:


It really shouldn’t be all that complicated once the image is installed. Side-loading apps in Android is a really easy thing to do.

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I would also offer to test.

Ill put my name down to test

Any updates here?
I would love to be able to use my Vero to also stream using android apps like Netflix, Viaplay, HBO, ect

Does anybody have a current (or even dated) Android image that they could share?