Netflix- Audio and video out of sync

Few weeks ago i installed Netflix on my 4k+ but I have been observing that audio and video randomly go out of sync and then sync up again a minute or two later while watching 720p content.

It happens every few minutes throughout the movie or tv show

Will provide a log if needed

What’s the CPU use look like?


Will upload logs in a bit

I utterly gave up trying to get netflix to work. Randomly doesn’t work on 2 out of 3 of my v4ks and breaks and requires manually reinstalling every few weeks

Can you check with top?

libwidevine probably needs updating.


Do I just type top via ssh while Netflix is playing on tv ?

While audio is out of sync

@sam_nazarko Did you have time to look at this by and chance ?

I Had the impression 720p Netflix playback should be possible without this type of hiccups

It depends on the bitrate of the content. Perhaps Netflix have increased it for some titles.

:disappointed_relieved: :slightly_frowning_face: