Netflix - how to guide?

Quite unlikely until hardware decoding would be validated and that if will require quite some development and lockdown of the device.

Fair enough…well, I’ll see if it works…still downloading updates etc…Netflix seems to be the app we use the most now…so fingers crossed that it works well…I’ll keep you posted!


You will not be able to access anything that your Netflix subscription does not normally give you access to.

That might happen some day; but it may not; and if it ever does, it almost certainly won’t be soon. See discussion here for more detail: [HOW-TO ALL PLATFORMS]Can I use Netflix on OSMC?(post 4) - Help and Support - OSMC Forums

To be honest, if playing Netflix is the primary thing you want to use a media player for, the Vero 4K+ is probably not the best device to buy. It’s designed primarily as a player for files which are stored on your local network, and it does that very well. It can do a good job with YouTube, and a fairly good job with BBC iPlayer; but for other Internet services it’s really quite limited (often for reasons that are outside the OSMC guys’ control). And even on Internet services it can handle, support is unofficial - it’s done via Kodi add-ons rather than dedicated apps, which means the UI is less sophisticated than it would be in a dedicated app, and it’s possible that the service could stop working at any moment, with no guarantee of a fix. If you want a Netflix player, you’d probably be better off using the built-in Netflix app on a smart TV, or a device made by Apple, or Google, or maybe Amazon.

Well, blow me off with a kipper…it all works!
Think I’ll have to upgrade to hi def at least…it’s a bit grainy to say the least.
Anyhow’s, thanks for your help.



Upgraded to HD…and the viewing is much better…up to 1080p…Vero, as you say, is not as intuitive as opposed to a dedicated TV with Netflix integrated in it…but it’s not bad as a back up at least…we’ll mainly use it in our log burner room in the winter…I have and old ATV1 hooked up in there…maybe I can install it on that?!



@tgood Good to hear that it is working for you on a clean install. Do you know what version of libwidevine you have? Is it the latest version?

Like @angry.sardine I have version 4.10.1679.0, but I am nervous about accidentally updating it, causing it to stop working.

Is it possible to download an older version of libwidevine on my PC, and transfer and install it on my Pi?


You can restore previously downloaded versions of Widevine - in the add-on settings, look under Expert / InputStream Helper settings / Restore Widevine CDM Library.

Yes that’s a fair point. But I am nervous all the same, in case for some reason the restore didn’t work, and I got words from my family. It is working, so I just don’t see the point for risking it though?

MyOSMC backup should include it, or?

Well, no one’s forcing you to upgrade; and if you try, you will get a scary warning message telling you that the latest version of Widevine probably won’t work with OSMC, and giving you the option to cancel. I don’t really see how you would accidentally choose to go ahead and update it anyway; and even if you did do that, you could still restore the old version afterwards. Honestly, I think you should stop worrying! :slightly_smiling_face:

The only thing that is a concern is that the currently-working version of Widevine may stop working because it’s disabled at the Netflix end.

Oh I’m just enjoying it while it continues to work