Netflix not working

I have followed the guide for installing netflix from the forum.
I can’t even install the netflix zip file to start. It says missing dependency.
The logs show the following:
ERROR: Requested path not found in known repository directories
Connecting to this folder shows is empty.
Going 1 folder lower there a similar file …
I can’t install this either as its missing a dependency.
I’m upto date with the current versions of osmc.
I’m running this on pi 3.
Any Idea’s?




Please provide a link to said guide, as there are few.

But I understand these steps work for all osmc platforms:

Thanks Tom.

Which version of mediacenter are you running, looks like a problem we had in Leia-nightlys. Where it refered to krypton repo insted of leia repo.

apt-cache madison vero3-mediacenter-osmc

Hi Joakim,
its the following version
vero3-mediacenter-osmc | 18.2.0-13 | stretch/main armhf Packages



I have already run script. No problems with it.
Just when trying to install the zip file.



The problem is that kodi-repo is pointing to krypton version, not leia. Let’s try this

Setting-> Add-on browser->Install from repository

Go down to Kodi repository, press context menu (left arrow or c on keyboard)
Check for updates.
or Info button (i on keyboard) and chose Update.

Then restart mediacenter (Power->Exit) and try to install Netflix add-on again.

Hi Joakim,
That resolved the add-in error thanx.
It now loads but has an exception error - I check this out later.

Thanx again.


Hi Joakim,
Netflix is all good now. I receive an error when first starting, which doesn’t appear the second time I think its the services starting for the fist time.

Thanx again


I’ve tried this fix, but it doesnt work for me.

I get the following from the kodi log:

DoWork - Direct texture file loading failed for resource://resource.images.weathericons.default/.png
2019-06-18 12:57:19.411 T:1759503072 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Couldn’t resolve host name(6)
2019-06-18 12:57:19.411 T:1759503072 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for
2019-06-18 12:57:19.411 T:1759503072 ERROR: Could not fetch addon location and hash from
2019-06-18 12:57:19.411 T:1759503072 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[script.module.requests]: failed to resolve addon install source path
2019-06-18 12:57:19.414 T:1759503072 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[]: failed to install dependency script.module.requests
2019-06-18 12:58:15.664 T:1692361440 ERROR: EXCEPTION: Non-Existent Control 300

please can you help?


That snipplet of log doesn’t contain any helpfull information, so I’m unable to help. Better upload some debug logs of you trying to start the add-on.