Netflix on OSMC Stopped Working - Kids Going Crazy

Hi Folks,

All was well with the kids TV running Netflix on OSMC. Just stopped playing today. Would appreciate any pointers as to what to do. You can navigate all the way to the program wanted, then it just will not play.

Logs here:

Many thanks.


You are note the only one, I’ve lost my ability to watch netflix and I had it working yesterday. Going to the addon development on github reports multiple people effected. Seems like Netflix again stopped us from using our addon.

+1 on the ‘infected’ (see what i did there? :P)
I dont get what their problem is…i mean what’s the difference between a windows client and a kodi client…Someone has a stick somewhere up somewhere i guess

Probably some content creators pushing Netflix to only permit streams through official applications to prevent copying.

It might be resolvable with some UA spoofing. We’ll see.


@Sandbird @Badgerhogg There has been an update to Netflix that got me running again:


and install in from kodi using install from zip.


Thanks @joakim_s, it works :slight_smile:

Thanks @joakim_s, thanks for this. Are you guys able to get subtitles working with this new version? Because they don’t work for me

They are working on it, according to github

Mine works. Both English and Greek subs were available. Tested them out as well.

Thanks for checking @Sandbird

@joakim_s I had a look on github, and it seemed that they were working, so I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not.

Well i just read about it yesterday so they might have made it work, don’t use subs myself so i wouldn’t know.

Kodi 18.0 RC2 with Netflix addon 0.13.21 from libdev +jojo +asciidisco now got Netflix up and running again. You may have to choose switch accounts and log in again with your original account to get it to work. Thanks to whoever got it working again.

Thanks Joakim_s works again!