Netflix on Vero 4K CPU at limit

On my new Vero4k the CPU is at limit (370%) when streaming Netflix 1920x1080p

With my old Raspberry 3B+ same Video with 1920x1080p the CPU is at 160%

Why is it? I bought the Vero4k cause I thought it has more CPU Power than the 3B+ ?

The Vero doesn’t have very much more CPU power than the Pi 3. It has better dedicated video decoding circuitry; but when you’re getting stuff from Netflix the video has to be decoded in software and hardware decoding is disabled. So, for practical purposes, you’re limited to 720p on Netflix.

Thank you. But: the raspi 3b+ decodes in software too (?). Why is the CPU load 2 times higher on vero4k? I use the same add-ons for Netflix

You have your RPi setup such that is is receiving h.264 streams instead of VP8 which cannot offload on either platform. Try configuring your Vero the same as your Pi.

Was thinking about YouTube instead of netflix :man_facepalming:

In forum people complain about the performance of their raspi3b and netflix 1920x1080. I dont understand anything at all, so I simply reduced Netflix streams to 720p - that is OK

Thank you

The CPU load is not an accurate measure because of the IRQ implementation of the video infrastructure; even if it is not in use.

Checked my raspi3b+: InputStream Adaptive “Max Res.” was at 720p, not 1920x1080p. So my initial statement was not true after all…

Will we be able some day to stream Netflix at 1080p or even UHD on the Vero 4k+? Is that theoretically possible? (I’ll keep my fingers crossed)

That’s not possible because you need CPU power to decrypt the stream and pi, vero and alike have very limited cpu power and relay on hardware decoding when it comes to media playback

I’ve heard it suggested in the past that 1080p Netflix playback might be possible one day, but definitely not any time soon, and quite possibly never. UHD, absolutely definitely never.