NETFLIX wannabee ! - I would like some guides

Hey here, and happy newyear!

I saw that Netflix was now working, and possible to install via some beta install or like.
I am a long time Linuxuser and i could proberly figure it out through hard work, and with trial and error’s make it work; but i rather would like if someone kind here could guide me through success?

It’s not that i don’t want to (belive me i had) read a lot of posts about it, but think it would be nice with some qualified help here.

If possible, i am very thankfull.

I got the following versions installed now ::

~$ uname -a
Linux osmc 3.14.29-42-osmc #1 SMP Sun Oct 29 00:34:17 UTC 2017 aarch64 GNU/Linux

~$ kodi --version
17.5 Media Center Kodi
Copyright © 2005-2013 Team Kodi -

Best regards; Jesper.

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Well basically you can follow these steps but you would need to choose Vero thread for installing Kodi 18.
Be aware Kodi 18 is alpha release means can break any time

Thanks Fzinken…

According to the guide, i need “upgrading” to stretch first, like this ? ( seems a bit confused to me, so like to be sure ) / Written by Sam
Is this the right start for this ? ::

For the brave: there is no downgrading.

We have now completed the OSMC migration to Debian Stretch and we’d like your feedback.

We’ll soon produce new OSMC images based on Debian Stretch as well. However – in the interim we’d like to get as much feedback as possible, and we’d like to test that the upgrade scenario works smoothly. Most users will be updating rather than installing fresh.

We need feedback before we can make this available in the next OSMC update.

To try this:

Login via the command line110
Edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list_
Add the following line: deb jessie-devel main_
Check for updates via My OSMC -> Updater._

NB: jessie-devel instead of stretch-devel is intentional. This is a large update (about 500MB in downloads) and will take a while to install on your system. Don’t change this to ‘stretch’ until the update is deemed stable (announced on blog)

While you can update via the command line, this is a less likely upgrade scenario. We’d prefer to check that updating via My OSMC works as expected. Updating via My OSMC will also update you to Stretch automatically instead of requiring you to run upgrade commands again after the initial upgrade.

Rgds; Jesper.

Yes, Stretch is the first requirement and the steps written there are correct.
If you don’t want to jump in now you also can wait 1-2 days till the Stretch Update will be officially released.

Ohh… cool… yes i will wait then, no rush!

Will there be another guide to upgrade to stretch by that time Fzinken ?

Looking forward to this then.

Rgds; Jesper.

No, it will be automatically delivered via OSMC upgrade mechanism.

Okay then…

I will wait with patience, and look for announcement.

Rgds; Jesper.

Please see my other thread

I got everything working for now with kodi 18 and Netflix!

Rgds; Jesper.