Netflix with 1080p resolution


I managed to finally get Netflix installed on Vero 4K + after installing several Python libraries which all the tutorials and posts claimed to be installed by default. Anyway, got it working and started a video only to find out that the Vero 4K + can’t play Netflix videos. All the CPU cores max out at 100% and the video just stops playing. I am guessing that the device just is not powerful enough. A bit odd since several users have reported to get Netflix working in this forum but I guess they have just been happy with SD quality. For me anything below 1080p just is not accetable in 2019. Is there anything to be done or is this just the sad reality?


720p is the max for now.

There are so many devices that do Netflix, so it’s not been a big focus for us.


Will this be a priority in the near future ?
Netflix - being the most popular streaming platform - perhaps deserves better support.
I guess that Amazon, HBO and so forth have the same limitation ?

I’m using Vero 4K+ myself.
Very pleased about it, but as the name says, I kinda expect better than 720p.
Have a feeling, that you cut off potential users also, by not supporting better resolution.

I know that DRM just got introduced, but this is a potential crowd-pleaser…
One device to view them all… In high-res…


Theres not a lot Sam can do, the device just doesn’t have the grunt to achieve it with HW accceleration out of the question.

He’s bloody good but he’s not a magician.

I personally use the apps on my TV for Netflix and Prime…I get 4k content this way.

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Amazon did 720p; but this isn’t possible anymore as they’ve introduced some further restrictions.

There might be some performance optimisations in the future to permit 1080p; but currently this isn’t possible. There are better devices for accessing these services.

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