Network access problems

I’m running OSMC on a Pi3. Two USB disks are connected to it, with different media content.

I’m using a computer with Windows 10 to access these USB disks, which are shared on the network “automatically” by OSMC. That is, I haven’t configured anything related to sharing, smb or similar.

When I’m logging in locally on the Windows 10 computer, I can access the USB disks on the OSMC server using the osmc/ credentials. Even if I just connect a new USB disk to it, this too is automacally shared and accessible with the osmc user.

However, if I on the SAME Windows 10 computer log in to a local domain (a Windows 2012 domain set up locally), I am unable to access the disks on the OSMC server. Using the same credentials - even adding \osmc - I get “Access denied”.

Any ideas?

OSMC’s Samba shares are part of the default workgroup ‘WORKGROUP’. A search for “access workgroup from domain” will help you, the solution can vary depending on the OS you are using.

Consider joining OSMC to the domain with PBIS.

Thanks for the tip. Normally, logging in with WORKGROUP\osmc should work from a domain computer, but for some reason it doesn’t here.

Joining the OSMC server to the domain sounds like a good idea, however. But there’s not much information about pbis to be found, is there? There doesn’t seem to be any official packages?


Probably a Windows 10 quirk. A quick search suggested some registry tweaks may be needed; but I do not use Win10 myself to verify

Sorry - I edited my post, so your quotes are a bit off - my bad :-/

I really don’t like manual registry tweaks if I can avoid them. Is setting up pbis a hassle? Software that has to be compiled manually really have no business on a .dpk or .rpm based system.

There doesn’t seem to be an existing package or distribution of pbis that supports the pi architecture.