Network connection question

I downloaded what I think is the latest OSMC and I think that it assumes a wired ethernet connection.
I dont really have one without going thru ethernet over my houses ac wiring which dont work worth a crapola.
So does OSMC run over a USB wifi connection and are the drivers already built in ? The wifi adapter that I have is a Rosewill RNX-N180UBE. I know that it is snail slow and if I ever get it figured out I will get a better one.


Would help to know what device you are using.

Oops, forgot that bit.
Raspberry PI
OSMC -2023.01-1
Kernal linux 5.10.78-07-osmc

build 19.5 (19.5.0)
git 20221226-osmc

hardware BCM2835
rev a01041
tot mem 921mb
free 621

I hope that makes sense
and thanks

So this is a Raspberry Pi 2B.
There is no in-built WiFi.

Not all Wifi external adapters are supported.
Being on the latest version of OSMC may improve your chances however.

But I suspect you may have a Realtek device which relies on an out of tree driver.


Realtek Corp RTL8191SU`

Pretty sure that one will work in 5.15 kernel… but I don’t track all of the RTK drivers anymore…

@Hextejas Worst you could do is update…
Or reinstall the latest – I think you may have installed the oldest version that we offer on the Download page at this time


Thank you Sam and before I dive into this, does the new version support wifi ?
I will get a better adapter after I get this working.
Now, forging forward, can I copy files from my Sandisk to the same folders on the newer version Sandisk with any hope of them working ? Specifically the zip files and perhaps the favorites. Also I sure would like to get back to my desktop but no offense, mine is prettier.
I would prefer not to go thru all the installs again.

Any recommendations as to which USB/WIFI adapter to buy ?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy a newer device than to purchase an accessory to make such an old (and slow) SBC work?

The new OSMC that I am running with is OSMC 2023.06-1
The network usb device is an ASUS USB-N53 kinda old but I think it should work.
I am making some progress in that 1 of the error messages is now gone. It had to do with insufficient power. I was powering the RP from the Samsung PC and it was not getting its’ power quick enough. It now has its own, stand alone power. Mind you, I dont like that it is powered on 24x7. I will solve that after I get all the rest figured out.

The error I am getting now is "

OSMC Network Setup:
Unhandled exception caught.
See log.

I have no idea where the log is, nor how to look at it. Help please.

Which device are you talking about darwin ? The raspberry ?

If you wanted to stick with a RPi, then sure. A RPi 2 is downright painful to use compared to RPi 4. It was only $35 when it came out seven years ago. Don’t you think you’ve gotten your money’s worth yet?

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I sure have and it still works fine at least so far. If I cant make it work then I will move on. It’s fast enough for me as the limiting speed factor is the internet and going to the 5 I think would have minimal impact on that.
Do you happen to know how I can look at the log files ?

I think the RPi 4 is a better fit for a media player than the RPi 5. The RPi 2 has a lot sitting on its limited USB bandwidth so I’d actually expect the difference to be noticable.

If your sitting at the terminal you can just do a “grab-logs -A” and it will give you a url that you can open in a web browser. If your in Kodi the My OSMC add-on has a log uploader that does the same thing.

As an aside, can I install other desktops without the internet being available ?

Desktops? You mean skins? If you find a zip installer for any add-on it should be able to install as long as it doesn’t have any dependencies that it would need to retrieved from Kodi’s repo. Or you could just plug the device in somewhere that you have access to a screen and internet to perform the install.

Yes, I did mean skins, thank you again.
Then again, I am sorta back to square 1.
Using OSMC 2023, I am getting the insufficient power message again and the device seems to be the monitor.
The message is
18.657752 hwmon hwmon1 Undervoltage detected

The RP uses a HDMI cable to attach to my TV.

Aint this fun

Looks like I need a better power supply

Well I went ahead and bout a RPi 4 with all the other “junk” that goes along with it. That should solve it.

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