Network data exchange with raspberry pi

(In English)
I have a Raspberry Pi with ESMC. I want Raspberry to download a torrent and this torrent will be stored in one of my HD that is on a computer that the operating system is Windows 7. I have a network of computers in Windows and I wonder if this what I want is possible . When the torrent finishes being downloaded and the file is stored in the HD that is in the computer the raspberry sows the torrent.
Summing up…
ESMC has its own torrent client and I want through this to download files and store on a Windows computer.

(Em Português)
Eu tenho um Raspberry Pi com a ESMC. Eu quero que o Raspberry baixe um torrent e este torrent tem que ser armazenado em um dos meus HD que está em um computador que o sistema operacional é o Windows 7. Eu tenho uma rede de computadores no Windows e me pergunto se isso o que eu quero é possível. Quando o torrent termina de ser baixado e o arquivo é armazenado no HD que está no computador quero que o Raspberry fique semeando o torrent.
ESMC tem seu próprio cliente de torrent e eu quero através deste baixar arquivos e armazena-los em um HD em um computador em rede.

Install torrent app from OSMC app-store and your Pi can torrent.

You’ll then need to create a share on your Windows PC and mount that in /etc/fstab on your Pi (Google for “fstab CIFS” and you will find many instructions likely in your native language)…

Once you have that mounted, change the configuration in Transmission so it points to the share you just mounted.

The problem with that approach is your Windows 7 PC must remain switched on all the time the Pi is torrenting and if you are leaving it on all that time, you may as well just torrent on it directly.

Better maybe to make Transmission save the file to your pi and then install the Samba app from MyOSMC and export the Transmission download folder from OSMC so that you can see it on your Windows machine. That way the torrents can download irrespective of whether your PC is connected.

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