Network drive indexing

I tried to send a file from the TV folder on my HDD attached as a SMB share to my windows 7 PC, it was very slow at 3MB/s (normally 28MB/s) I found the problem to be due to indexing being set on this drive in windows. I tried to disable indexing but although it went through the motions when I rechecked the drive it was selected once more. OSMC (Vero4K\osmc) is shown as owner of the folder and it will not let me turn off indexing, is there a way to do this?

I think you can turn off the Windows Indexing Service under Services.

Thanks, Sam, I have done that but that disables it for all the drives and folders on my PC. I have checked another network drive on my PC, that does not have the tickbox shown under general properties, is there a reason OSMC sets this option?

OSMC can’t set any indexing options to my knowledge, as it doesn’t understand anything about this Windows specific feature.

It sounds more like Windows is enabling indexing for new files.
I’m not familiar enough with the Windows Indexing setup to advise further unfortunately


you might want to check this, as smb share/folder on OSMC is the source, maybe there is usefull info that you might take into consideration

Thanks for that info MTV, it seems from reading that it is the SMB server that is setting it, not windows. I have just set up a new network drive on another SMB share from a Humax sat recorder, no indexing tickbox on that one. The tickbox asks whether to index contents in addition to file properties .

How exactly have you determined this. AFAIK it has not been possible to locally index a mapped network drive since Win XP. To determine what is, or is not being indexed you would have to open the indexing option control panel. Further I find it unlikely to be the cause even if indexing was enabled somehow as Windows only indexes during idle and will pause as soon as the drive being indexed is active.

I had network and sharing centre , LAN status open, the Received bytes were skyrocketing, I checked in task manager, processes, Wsearch was using the highest cpu%. If I closed the network drive window the rate dropped back to normal. I disabled indexing globally and checked again, I could now get full speed transfers and the received bytes were at an acceptable level. There is a checkbox shown on the network drive page, it ask if I want to index just the properties or contents (did you read my previous post?) indexed. I would say that is pretty comprehensive

Yes I did read your previous post. The checkbox your talking about sets a file level property. To turn off indexing for a location it should be done with the control panel…