Network Drive Issues

I have tried through normal NFS, FTP and can not get my media share drive to connect to latest OSMC no matter what I do. I have super old Kodi on a SD and it connects just fine to the drive.

Any ideas why it wouldn’t see this drive. NFS Browsing does not even open on OSMC

You don’t give us much to go on.

What is the server that you are trying to connect to?

Are you using a Vero or Pi?

Are you on WiFi or wired?

Are you using Kodi mounts or fstab/autofs mounts?

Raspberry Pi 2, Wired (I Couldn;t get wireless to even show up either which was odd, with Kodi 15 wireless works fine for me)

It shows up as a SMB server. Hdd connected directly to router. Netgear 7000

Was just trying to add through OSMC GUI

You probably have a Realtek based WiFi dongle, so that would explain why the WiFi no longer works.

So the R7000 is acting as the NAS? It can only do SMB, it can’t do NFS if it’s like mine.

I’d suggest that you try adding the shares via fstab or better autofs.

Here’s a link about that. And it includes how to troubleshoot from the command line.

That router might only support SMBv1 so you might try going to settings>services>SMB client> and set min and max version to that. If it does support higher versions then v1 might be disabled for security reasons which also disables browsing. In this case you have to manually put in your share (ie smb://admin:password@readyshare/foldername/)

If you have working in Kodi 15 you should actually be able to just copy .kodi/userdata/sources.xml and if your have it .kodi/userdata/passwords.xml and put them into the same place in the new install and it should work.

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Thank you! Setting SMB to v1 did the trick. :slight_smile:

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