Network & HDMI issue

installed the latest image, and using PI 2

I have to switch on the tv first, then the PI 2, otherwise, hdmi will not start!

In network, there is no access to activate the wifi.

The ethernet connection is not recognised automatically, even manually!

I have installed and re installed the img file three times, no change!

I do not have these issues using an android box, with the same modem and tv set!

Pi 2 does not have built-in WiFi; so make sure you have a dongle and it is compatible.

Check your power supply, but it sounds like a hardware issue.

silly me ! yes, no dongle!

My other Android based box does not have the ethernet issue.
I have downloaded Openelec on another sd card, and have no problem with ethernet connection. The only issue is that the date time takes some rime to adjust to the time server at switch on.

How are you determining the Ethernet connection is not being ‘recognised’?

when I activate wired, I am promted for manual, ( no other option, or to do it later) it will start searching, but always negative results. No "internet connection found "

What are the physical LEDs on the ethernet plug say?

For some unknown reason, now, its working!

What I did since I started this thread:

Yesterday, I swapped the OSMC sd card with Openelec.
Today, I re inserted the OSMC, and it worked first time, this time!
I have inserted and re inserted the OSMC card several times before!

The HDMI issue

I do not keep my home appliances on standby.
I first have to switch on my tv, then, switch on my Rasp 2, otherwise, if I switch them both simultaniously, the TV will not detect the Rasp.

Again, this happens only on Rasp 2 , with either osmc or openelec, but not android!