Network not connected to Internet after setting up ExpressVPN with Zomboided

I installed OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3/b and was able to install the YouTube add-in and view a video.

I then installed the Zomboided plug-in and setup a VPN connection to ExpressVPN.
The VPN Manager show that the VPN was connected to the Dallas server

After installing and connecting the VPN, the network status shows Internet: “Not Connected”
The YouTube video Add-in is no longer able to play videos.

I tried disconnecting the VPN and the network status still shows Internet: “Not Connected”

Any ideas?

Is the Zomboided plug-in the best way to get VPN support added into OSMC?
If not, is there a link to instructions on setting up a VPN in OSMC that automatically connects at boot time? (I have ExpressVPN)


I believe it gives you control through the Kodi interface. If you don’t need that, then it’s not the best way.

See if this helps. Getting openvpn to run at system boot is very easy.