New card (backup and restore)

Hi Everybody,

I have OSMC on Rpi2 based on Kodi 17.6 . I got a new OSMC 32 GB Card and I would like to move everything from my current SD Card (Standard SanDisk card) to the new OSMC 32 GB Card. What is the best way to do it?

I know OSMC has a backup utility, but is this a complete backup of the OS or only the database and configuration? Do I need to perform a fresh install of latest OSMC image and then perform a restore of the backup configuration settings? How is the restore process?

I know these are too many questions; any help could be appreciated. Thanks.

Are both the cards the same size?


If you have a USB SD card reader, you can use this GitHub - graham8/osmc-backup: Backup scripts for copying osmc installations to and from system partitions.

You will need to access the commandline. Plug in the new SD card in the reader to a USB socket. Then the simplest way is to type these commands:

sudo chmod +x osmc-restore
sudo osmc-restore /

and follow the prompts. Your new card will appear as sda if it’s the only disk you have attached to the Pi. Otherwise look for a disk with 32G size. Select that when prompted.

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Yeah, they are both the same size. 32GB

You could use Win32DiskImager or USB Image Tool to make a complete image of the original SD card and then write that out to the new card.

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This may fail if there is a slight difference in the usable size, which there usually is in my experience.


Thank you very much grahamh for the information. I will check this to see how it goes.

Thanks. I will try that also. I have MacOS but I have a Windows VM.