New device (NAS and TV streamer)

Is osmc thinking about new devices.
I am starting to think a NAS, with PVR would be a wellcome addition in the product line up.
The power management of the raspberry pi and those SOC’s is still a major issue and you have to buy a decent usb hub which might do the job (which sometimes cost more than the SOC itself) , but i am still experiencing power fluctuations when the device is in heavy use. (raspberry pi 3b)

I have plugged in my hub, a usb 3 1 TB hard drive and a TV dongle . I used to have also a DVD player but i had to remove it because it was too unstable. The hard drive is starting to be full and I am considering buying a NAS with a big capacity >5 TB because HD movies recorded in PVR, takes lots of spaces >5Gb. and I would like to just copy my DVD collection over without worrying about space. I would like also to create a small server with tvheadend and be able to have at least two or three dongles plugged in to deliver content to different devices or being able to record multiple channels at the same time.

It might be a little bit a niche device and out of scope of the osmc brand but i think it would be a great addition, because it goes opposite to the market trend which is to register to all those streaming services and to not own any digital content.

Yes, these are the exact two reasons why OSMC has no plans of doing so. There are only so many hours in a day and developing a NAS/PVR would leave no time for continuing support for the Vero or OSMC as a distro. Surely there are companies who already specialize in developing and selling such NAS devices that perform well and are competitively priced in their market?

Hmmm… Not sure that this is always a fool proof decision from a business perspective…

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If you purchase a large external USB drive with its own power supply power delivery will not be an issue, at least with the hard drive. If you use multiple tuners you would still need a powered hub for them.

Well thank you for your answers. I will go and build my own thing.

A NAS is something we’ve looked in to, but it’s still just an idea on a piece of paper for now. There would be a lot of challenges in bringing such a device to the market. The big one being: what can we do better than QNAP or Synology?