New Dongle Setup

So I just got my new Dongle for the Vero V and plugged it in and everything has stopped responding.

No instructions in the package, so I am guessing that I need to pair the remote to the old remote.

But before I start messing and possibly stop any remote working I thought I would ask here.

I guess I am not going to be the only person with the same question.

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Hold Home and OK for a few seconds on the remote and it will start working. This pairing process is the same pairing process you would perform when you first booted your Vero V device.

Thank you, that fixed it.

I don’t think I had to do this with any of my previous Vero boxes, even the latest one.

You need to with the latest Vero V and it prompts you on the home screen.

The reason being that with Vero 4K / 4K +, the remote and dongle came in a separate packet and were pre-paired. But with Vero V the dongle is integrated.

As the remote and device factories are separate, it’s impossible for us to pair each dongle off to each remote in advance. Well – it could be possible, but it would be very time consuming and expensive…

Your remote stopped working completely when you plugged in the dongle by design. Thanks for confirming this worked. This is to stop you from being unable to pair with the external receiver as both receivers would otherwise be active and potentially fight for the signal. This shouldn’t really be an issue – as we support multiple Vero devices in a room, but it’s to guarantee that a user truly does pair their remote with the new dongle. Otherwise you might just assume it’s paired itself but may not see a performance improvement.

The internal receiver can be reactivated again at any time by removing the external dongle. But you then need to re-pair the remote with the internal dongle.


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… and re-booting IIRC.

Yes, I believe a reboot is needed as it would’ve been too complex to handle that corner case