New episodes not added in library


I did some research but I didn’t find anything usefull, please forgive me if the solution has already been posted.

So, when I copy some new episodes on my HDD, the library is only updated if it found a newly created directory. If I copy an episode on a directory that already exists, it’s ignored during the scan.

If I refresh the directory manually, the new episodes are found.

I always rename the files and the are organized in proper directories.

Here are the logs :

Any help is greatly appreciated, if I finally found out why it keeps happening, I’ll edit my post with the solution :wink:

Thanks a lot !

Try deleting your existing library files. If they are corrupt, you can experience problems like this.

What do you mean ? Is there an actual file or do I just need to clean the library uner settings -> videos -> library ?
If this is a file, where do I find it ?
Thx a lot for your help !

Should be /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Databases/MyVideos99

Hello again,

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer you back.
So I tried deleting the library files, and I deleted and recreate my video sources but I still got this issue, I’m not really sure what to do next.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot.

Provide a log that shows the failure.

Thanks for your answer !
Here’s the log, I just booted up the raspberry, waited for the new content search to end, and uploaded the logs :
I can’t see any error in the scanning process.

I tried to rebuild everything again, but I still have the issue, I really have no idea what’s wrong.
I’ll take any input, thanks again guys :slight_smile:

09:46:19  18.443514 T:1956897712  NOTICE: Disabled debug logging due to GUI setting. Level 0.
09:46:19  18.443577 T:1956897712  NOTICE: Log level changed to "LOG_LEVEL_NORMAL"

A log without debug logging enabled via the Kodi system settings might show more info while we are trying to determine the cause of your problem.

Is the drive formatted as NTFS? If yes, have you plugged into your windows pc and and run chkdsk before making sure you “Safely Eject” the drive before just unplugging it?

Sorry about that,
here is the Log with debug enabled :

I can see this in the log despite the fact there is a new episode not discovered in this directory :

17:19:13 36.723278 T:1750778864 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir ‘/media/My Passport/TV Shows/Westworld/’ due to no change

The HDD is formatted as exFat (I’m on Mac & Windows) and I always eject safely after copying new episodes. I never doubted the exFat since it worked well during the first months until recently, do you think it can be the cause of the problem ?

Please allow the system to update to the most current version and test again.

I still have the issue after the update.

Can you please provide a new set of logs which shows the issue on your updated system.

cat /proc/mounts

Here are the logs :

22:26:40 35.528187 T:1747973104 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir ‘/media/My Passport/TV Shows/Atlanta/’ due to no change
I added a new episode just before the scan in this log.

Do anyone know how the scan detect new content inside the directories ? Is this with db requests, using linux directory dates, … ?

I’ve searched for your error and found several hits but no real resolution. Have you checked the permissions of the folders? Are you certain that all naming is as required by Kodi?

cat /proc/mounts :
dmesg :

Well I think everything is OK, maybe I’m wrong, but

Here is the directory :

drwxrwxrwx 1 osmc osmc 1048576 sept. 22 06:28 Atlanta

And the new file :

-rw-rw-rw- 1 osmc osmc 1384759029 nov. 3 20:10 Atlanta - S01E09 - Juneteenth.mkv

Sorry for the dbl post.

Thanks a lot for all the time you’re wasting for me guys, you are awesome :slight_smile:

EDIT : I don’t know if the scan look for an update date on the directory to determine if there is new content in the directory, but if this is the case, maybe the problem is here, I’m not sure my mac update this date …

This seems familiar…

Usually if library updating is problematic, an SQLite database (usually MyVideos) is corrupted. I can’t see anything problematic with your exFAT mount in the logs and your drive seems healthy, especially if playback itself is fine.