New hardware early?

Hello, newbie here!
I’m start to looking for new media center into my living room. OSMC looks like fantasitc project! :+1:

I’m sorry for stupid question: Vero 4k+ looks like very nice piece of HW, but it’s about 2years old. Is planned for near future (months?) some kind of successor? More powerfull HW (maybe based on S905X4 or S908X) what can be more future-proof?

Thanks :upside_down_face:


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Sorry, OSMC does not telegraph our plans or timelines regarding announcements of new hardware releases.


Obviously we are always working on improving our products, but we don’t have any news at this time.

The Vero 4K + was launched a couple of years ago, but it continues to meet requirements of our users and will remain supported for years to come



That is actually what makes me buy the vero devices (4 over time), and I would do it again anytime!

Thx again @sam_nazarko & Team for the amazing (and I really mean amazing, compared to what I have to deal on hundreds of other products) support they provide us - the users of the Vero devices and the community behind it.


@ActionA, @sam_nazarko : thanks for fast reply! :slight_smile:
I agree, Vero 4K+ is very nice piece of HW. OSMC distribution looks fantastic. And support… :+1:
But, I still think USB 2.0 is little bit outdated in year '21.
OK, Vero 4K ordered from local reseller :wink:

Although their would be a benefit to faster USB for some use cases, primarily transferring files to a connected disk over the network, it is not an impediment to the actual core function of the device, which is playing media files. USB 2.0 is still four times faster than the spec for max bitrate of UHD-BD.

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I think we all have high expectations on a future version of Vero, besides people like us who love technology always enjoy news about updates and new hardware. So excuse us if we are a bit nervous about the new Vero thing. :smile: