New install - getting past licence display

I’ve just downloaded the Vero RC2 file and loaded it to a clean microSD card. On booting it has gone through the ‘installing files’ and come up with an (implicit) invitation to pick a language. Then I get a scrolling display with T&C for the software, but no way to proceed.
On reboot (I have SSH access) I get back to the same state.
I think there is a part of the intended display on the rhs edge not visible - but cannot do anything about it at this level.
Am I correct in thinking there should be somewhere to say ‘OK’?

Push Right and click.

You must have tons of overscan if you can’t see “I Agree” on the right hand side…

OK - got past it with that advice, for which much thanks.
I’m using a monitor fed with VGA via a converter from HDMI, for which the default selected seems to have been 1920x1080p (and this did cut quite a big chunk out).
When set through Settings to 1280x720p it gives me all the intended display.
With the older systems on RPi I used to be able to see the modes, and, if necessary force one in particular - but I never had this problem, so the furthest I went was in using a saved edid.dat (so it didn’t matter if the monitor was off when booted.
I’m not clear now how the installation worked when I got the Vero - a failing memeory, I’m afraid - so I couldn’t say exactly what differences there were. I’ll have to go back to the original card (which was kept updated) to look for differences in setup.