New Install Issues

I have tried to install the OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20190623.img image on a 64GB micro SD card three times. It is being run on a Raspberry pi 3 +b. It loads and goes to formatting but then it always errors out with: install failed: can’t mount root. I have downloaded the image several times thinking it might be a corrupt image. I have even run a hash on the downloaded file, and my MD5 sum does not match yours: 0bc3525199f8f3b031e1023288e5c247 Every time I download it, the resulting file has this md5 sum, so I don’t think it is corrupted via download. Not sure what to try next.



Try a different SD card. The maximum “supported” size for Raspberry pi 3 +b is 32gb, although people have had success with bigger; its hit & miss.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom! I just happen to have a 32GB card sitting around. I’ll give it a shot when I get home tonight.


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