New install OSMC - unable to change to any skin

new install of OSMC on Pi 3, everything works ok but changing from the absolutely awful OSMC skin doesn’t work. I select Confluence, save… nothing happens. I select Estuary, save… settings saved… refresh, nothing

I change it via the guisettings.xml file, save, reboot… nothing

why am I constantly looking at ‘settings saved’ only to refresh the page and see SKIN=OSMC !!! its driving me mad

Is your issue that the skin reverts when you reboot? This is a known issue and will be fixed soon.

Otherwise you should provide some screenshots and a debug log, as your issue isn’t entirely clear.

Care to provide any constructive criticism?

the skin doesnt change at all, regardless of rebooting or not. when I select another skin. it says ‘settings saved’ or in the gui ‘are you sure you want to keep this setting’

then absolutely nothing changes.

in the web interface I can select another skin, save settings saved refresh the page and its the same damn OSMC skin… nothing has changed at all!

i save, i reboot, im still on OSMC… no matter which way I try and change my skins, im stuck on OSMC all the time

In this case we need debug logs to identify the problem.
Does everything else work?

See here:

yeah mate everything else works fine, no issues at all. only with changing Skin settings. there are no permission errors either because I can manually set the xml file and aim it at any other skin… but it just doesnt do anything

here’s the log

Do those logs demonstrate the problem while debug logging was active? I cannot see a skin switch in there.

the only thing I can see is : 17:45:08.153 T:1751118832 WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings

for all intents and purposes, it tells me that the skin has changed on screen… it just doesnt do anything though and stays on OSMC

Maybe a stupid question, but did you select the “yes, keep” option when it asks you if you want to keep the new skin?
It might be a bit hard to see.

I’ve changed the Skin via the web browser, the xml file and the television through the settings menu in osmc itself, so yes of course I have selected yes on the popup

not a silly question I know sometimes simple things get overlooked, but i’ve done absolutely everything possible to try and change the theme (short of wiping the sd card and using something else)

Try to change it in Kodi directly. Mayve this is not supported in the webui right now.

Or do you want to change the skin of the webui?

I have changed it in Kodi, that is where you get ‘do you want to keep these settings > yes’ only to find it doesnt change anything

I have changed it every single possible way I know how and not one single method has any affect on the software because it remains stuck on the OSMC default skin regardless of what I select

As there is nothing obvious in the log, I would suggest a reinstall. Maybe some files are corrupted.

Or has @sam_nazarko a better idea?

It’s working here for me on the latest version, nothing obvious from the debug log.

This is a warning, not an error… Also, not part of your problem because it’s present in most OSMC logs on any platform.

thats why I wrote ‘the only thing I can see’

there is nothing at all relating to skins other than that in the log

I actually really like and prefer the OSMC skin. It’s clean and clutterfree.

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@Legion and @randallspicher

Are you aware you are posting on a topic that was opened over 6 years ago? Please, try to avoid necroposts.

Even though this is an old thread that got bumped there doesn’t actually look to be an answer so…

Skin not changing after selecting a new one in Kodi’s settings: No clue, if that was a thing years ago it doesn’t seem to be now.

Skin reverting to the old one after a reboot/restart of Kodi: The setting doesn’t get saved until you exit one of Kodi’s settings windows. When switching skins it may just take you to the home windows and then the setting doesn’t get saved. If you go back into settings and then go back out the settings should get saved at that point and it should survive a reboot.

Manually changing the skin in guisettings.xml not working: You have to via ssh “systemctl stop mediacenter” before you edit that file. When Kodi is running that file is in RAM, and it doesn’t look for changes to that file. When you change any settings or exit Kodi that file gets written out from memory and it overwrites any changes that were made.

My bad, it popped up while I was looking for something else and I commented without checking the date.