New kernel

I have bought a couple of wifi 6e usb sticks that require at least 5.17 kernel I believe. Are there any plans for a newer kernel? Can I add drivers to make the usb work manually?

Which device are you running OSMC on?

You would need to compile them with a OSMC build environment. But to do so you would need then to backport them to the older kernel.

I’m using a Vero V if that helps.

We will move to the 6.6 kernel in the future.

There is no 4K content that shouldn’t play well with the internal WiFi adapter.

If you can link me to the driver I can look at the feasibility in porting it back to 4.9 in the interim

Hi Sam,
I found this page talking about it. Am getting about 700Mbit\s on wifi 6, am yet to try it on my 6Ghz channel at home as I’m not there but it’s a great stick and only cost £15 for two on aliexpress.
Thanks again

Understood. But unless you are running services off the device you don’t need more than 120Mbps as that is the highest bitrate of a raw 4K UHD BD rip.

Vero V will give you 800Mbps using the internal adapter in an ideal setting.

I made a judicious choice in picking the RTL8822CS which is Wifi AC over some newer WiFi 6 modules which weren’t quite tried and tested yet, particularly with drivers. Then we optimised antennas.

So depending on you use case, the new dongles may behave better, but they may not.

If we can help you with WiFi issues on the current model, do let us know.