New Linux Malware can Infect Raspberry Pi Devices?

Hi all…

Saw this security issue on Raspberry Pi

Can some one show me how to reset my default password for the pi user? I don’t have a keyboard on my Pi3, as it is connected to my TV via HDMI so is there a Terminal app where I can do this reset?

Or is the latest OSMC build protected from this issue?


This isn’t really anything new. If you port forward SSH with default credentials, you will almost certainly get hacked.

If you don’t, you’re not vulnerable.

Details on username and passwords: Usernames and passwords - General - OSMC.

Thanks for the prompt reply… I don’t have a keyboard connected to my Pi3… how can I input the commands to reset my osmc user password then?

The Wiki has the answers: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Thanks a lot

dont forward ssh ever, but if you have to do that check the howto sections for strengthening the ssh with 2step and keys.

but please dont forward ssh so its exposed to the internet like these people did

cause its that easy to find users these days, imho that is the wall of shame cause those users havent payed attention to the numerous postings about not exposing osmc towards the internet and if they get hacked its their own fault.