New Media Center - Some questions

Hey guys, Looking online there’s very little information on the Vero, But tones on the Pi 2 B Model.

I’m wondering if you’d be able to help me decide what media center to get ? I’m coming from an old WDTV which is just too slow.

  1. Can Vero using the OSMC use the Mimic theme ? or do I need Kodi for this?

  2. Is installing everything easier than the Pi? I don’t know linux and would like a plug and play alternative if possible which is how I found out about the Vero, Problem is there’s still not much info on it.

  3. In the help topics here there are TONES of problems with the vero, Is this the minority?

  4. Will the Vero automatically download pictures, backdrops, and IMDB info like OSMC would on the Pi 2 b model?

  5. I just want something that is a lot faster, With very little problems, And something that is going to play my portable hard drive’s media files easier. In 3D, 2D… If I could get the Vero to run Mimic with the layout I want It’ll never be played with again.

I’m honestly lost, I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy the Vero at all in Australia either, I guess I’ll need to try ebay or something I guess?


The current Vero is out of stock on the OSMC website. It will go back on sale soon, but we are launching a new model.

OSMC runs Kodi. You can learn more about the specific differences between OSMC and Kodi here: The skin you mention should run fine on a Vero. All Kodi addons that run on Pi will run on the Vero (except maybe for some screensavers).

The concept of the Vero is that it is a just works system. You will get guaranteed software updates and support for 3 years.

It depends how you look at it. When users get a problem they will make a lot of noise. I’m only aware of one outstanding issue on the Vero (where some older models do not boot on the latest software), but this is impacting a very small minority (0.01%) of users from that batch. We are listening to feedback and making sure things get improved continuously, for owners past, present and future.


The Raspberry Pi will also do this. For your use case, you will probably get away with a Pi. You can disable updates in My OSMC. This means you can set it and forget it if you so wish.

We sell directly, although we will try and open up to retail channels with Vero 2 next year. We offer 5 working day delivery to Australia and we have many happy customers in Aus. You should not have to pay any custom fees for the import.

You can subscribe to the OSMC Newsletter (we don’t spam and you can unsubscribe at any time) and we will let you know when Vero 2 is available. It all depends how urgently you want a system, and if you need more ‘demanding’ features such as H265/HEVC support, which you will struggle to get with the Pi.