New movies, not showing in recently added, only in files

Short version: What file or folder property does osmc look for, when determining what movies are recently added and if it’s the modified date on the file, can you change that to the folder modified date or create date instead?

Little longer version with some background :slight_smile: :
Hi, just bought a Vero 4k+ and set it up like I did my pies.
Added my movie folder as source, started scraping.
All was seemingly working like planned, but then I added a few new movies to my movie folder and asked osmc to scrape them for me.

Osmc did scrape the movies, but in my “recently added” widget and in my movie folder in osmc, with the sort by: recently added, the movies doesn’t show up first on the list.

If I go to video->files->movies, they’re showing in the expected order.

If I search for the movies when in recently added, they’re there, but a ways down on the list.
Tried removing source and adding it again, but having the same problem.

So I guess my question is, what file or folder property does osmc look for, when determining what movies are recently added and if it’s the modified date on the file, can you change that to the folder modified or create date instead?

If they only show up under files, then they are probably not scraping correctly. You added the movie folder as a source, but did you set the content to Movies? What scraper are you using?

If you post logs after running a scan, we may be able to see why it’s not working.

My guess is sorting order in the widget, had the same issue with pvr channels recently wartches (i watch Discovery like once in a week, and my son watches NickJR. on a daily basis, but Discovery channel was before NickJR). So i checked the widget, Settings -> Interface -> Configure skin -> General -> Customize main menu -> Movies -> Manage widget. Sort by and Sort direction.

Set sort by Last played, Direction I think should be decending, This next part i choose to do, becouse it didn’t seem to save my changes if i just went “back” directly. Click add, go to <None> and choose Delete, then back. Let the skin shortcuts rebuild and i think you will get it as you want it.

It looks to me like the scraper is using the modified date of the media file itself. The file view looks like it is taking the modified date of the folder or other file it contains. I just updated a nfo in one of my movie folders so the movie itself didn’t get an update to its modified date but the nfo and the folder they are both in did, and this was sufficient for the file view to consider its date as today.

The date added that is stored in the db and what the library view shows is exported with nfo files and that is probably the most sane path to changing this in the library. I don’t think Kodi is stored any other date information besides the release date. Since the library view only pulls from the db their is no option to change this to some other date signifier. Their is no user settings to change the scraper to use anything different when it is pulling files in either.

@bmillham No, they’re scraping, just not appearing in the correct order in the movie view (sorted by recently added) or in the recently added widget.
The date added sorting in the files view does however show the expected order.

My guess is that the “recently added” movies view, is bound up on the file modified property and the view in files is bound up on the folder created date.

And I’m also guessing I can change that somewhere, perhaps in the advanced settings file, but my google fu has failed me :confused:

@joakim_s thanks, but that’ll only change it for the widget and change it to last played, instead of recently added, but I tried changing it, built the menu and changed it back again because “have you tried turning it off and on again” :smiley: but that didn’t fix it in afraid.

Soory, my bad. I said sort by “Last played”, but it should be “Date added”, unsure about “sort direction”.

Since i need Last Played on my PVR sorting, I wrote that insted of the one that instead of “date added”, which it should be for reasently added, or first added depending on sort order.

@darwindesign I think you’re right, but I’m hoping someone knows of a setting, perhaps in the advanced settings file, if not, and other people sees this, and uses sabnzbd, try searching for “ignore_unrar_dates”, I’m guessing this can fix it, but I’d still rather someone had a fix within kodi ofc. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is going to be a Kodi side solution. The only other idea I can think of is if you used some kind of advanced renaming utility on a PC and have it change the modified date on the media files to match the folder or whatever date that the file view is picking up correctly and then dump the library and rescrape.

I don’t know why you would like file creation date or modified date (1), when you wanna know when you added it to the libary (current date the db update was)

So remove the movie from the db and re-add it after you do the advanced setting and change. Setting to 0, or keep the db and copy the db to another machine other then the OSMC-device. Run a SQLite editor like this one, and do some SQL kungfu, if you need sql help pm me. Stop kodi from shell and overwrite the origanal db file on osmc-device with your edit one. and retart kodi.


I just did a test here, I took a movie I already had, removed it from the library, and then changed the creation (actually modification) date on the file and re-scraped. The dateAdded field in the database matches the creation date on the file, not when I scraped, so it doesn’t show as a newly added movie.

So as @darwindesign recommends, you will need to change the actual date on the files if you want them to show up as added today.

By it keying in on modification date it allows you to scan your existing content without the entire library showing up on the same date which would be rather useless. Under common scenarios I think the modified date of the file would be the same or close to when it was added to Kodi so with a fresh db scan your effectively keeping historical library added data.

Nice find on that modification. I didn’t realize that option existed.