New Order Help

Placed my order on 5/5 and still no order updates.

order # 24660

Hi – you should’ve received an Order Processing email when you placed the order.

Can you confirm if this is the case?

I’ve checked and this has shipped via USPS today. You’ll get a tracking number when it is collected in a couple of hours.

all i recieved was a reciept

Yes – we usually send a confirmation email (which included a receipt) and a dispatch email when the item has been sent.

Not to open new thread, but can you check my order 24599

Ordered 04/05, tracking 07/05 RM

Message from RM tracking: The sender has advised us they’re preparing your item. More information will be available when we receive it.


The item has been collected and is tracking in the Royal Mail network.

You should receive it shortly


Hi Sam,

I placed an order from the UK on 6th May for which I received an order confirmation email but I haven’t had an update on expected delivery date. My order number is 24726.

Kind regards

It will ship soon

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