New OSMC 32GB SD Card, Pi 3B+ won't boot


I’ve just received my purchased OSMC 32GB SD card - OSMC for Raspberry Pi 2 / 3 but when I plug it into my new Raspberry Pi 3B+ it won’t boot. The red light comes on and the colour table shows but then nothing happens. The Pi work’s fine with a 2GB SD card with LibraELEC or OSMC installed.

I can see the contents of the 32GB card on my PC.

What do I need to do to get it to boot?

What’s the order number?

Only very recent cards will have B+ support. Otherwise you’ll need to install OSMC using the 2018.03-2 image from Download - OSMC.


#16104, ordered 19th March.


It sounds like your order shipped with the old image. You should see Pi 3 + mentioned on your receipt if otherwise.

You can install from Download - OSMC easily enough. You can also update via My OSMC on a Pi 2 or Pi 3 to update the card.

The card itself is the same as the current model we ship, so you should find it a very good card.


I downloaded the latest image and it’s working now.

Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. We’d normally raise a credit on your account but I can see that you’ve reported another problem with your order so we’ll resolve that first.