New Purchaser - Shop UX Feedback / Questions

Hi there,

I just ordered a Vero 4k - very excited to receive it as I was looking for a device that can passthrough Dolby Atmos to my new AV receiver/set up. :slight_smile:

I ran into a few hiccups when completing my purchase, so I have a bit of feedback on the purchase UX, plus a few general questions:

  1. [Feedback] I noticed that the “Create an account?” button on the final step of your Checkout form is broken. Upon checking it, the form complains that no password has been chosen however there is no password input field on the checkout form to actually fill out! Hence, in order to proceed with the purchase, I had to uncheck the option (and presumably buy as an ‘unregistered’ user). I then created an account separately after my purchase (using the same email address I used for my purchase) however I notice that the My Account page does not show my order. I’m 100% confident that the order went through (as I received the Paypal & email confirmations) however it would make sense to fix the account creation step and also link order data with accounts that are created after purchase if they use the same email address. Hoping this can be rectified for my account as right now I can’t even use the Refer scheme to spread the word since the system thinks I haven’t ordered anything (even though I have)!

  2. [Feedback] The Buy Now link on your Vero 4k Product Page only adds the product to the cart if a user is logged in. If a user is unregistered, which I assume the majority of users to the page are, they are greeted with a simple “Your cart is currently empty” message, which probably isn’t ideal UX and may give users the impression that the eCommerce part of the site is down. You can try hitting the Buy Now link in an Incognito Window without any login cookies to see what I mean.

  3. [Question] Once dispatched, will I receive a shipping number? I’m in Australia so keen on tracking the package.

  4. [Question] I plan on watching UHD mkv/m2ts files from a powered HDD that will be directly connected to the device (since my router is in another room and I can’t wire). What HDDs are recommended to work best? Assuming I can purchase any modern powered external USB 3.0 drive and it will be backwards compatible with the Vero’s USB 2.0 port?

Can’t wait to get my hands on the Vero.
Thanks in advance!

I recently purchased the same device my self (waiting for it to come out customs down here South Africa).
Yes for question 3 you do get a tracking number.
Question 4 since you are connecting a externally powered hdd so it should be alright and most if not all usb 3 devices are backward compatible to the usb 2 standard but I would recommend an externally powered usb 3 hub which which ensures that any usb 3 portable hdd is properly powered.

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Thanks for your feedback.

  1. I will look in to this. The Refer a Friend scheme doesn’t apply for products on sale (i.e. Vero 4K) and is currently beta at this point.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out. It does work (in incognito mode) for me, but I have to visit the URL twice.
  3. Yes – this can then be used on our website or with Aus Post.
  4. Has been covered by @Metal_Masher


Thanks for the report here. I suspected some issues with Varnish at first but this doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I’ll report this upstream as I think it’s a bug.

Both issues should now be fixed.

Many thanks for the report.


Thanks a lot, that was quick! The My Account > Orders page still shows “No order has been made yet.” for my account.
Would it be possible to retrospectively link my order to my account, or will this it show up once the shipment is dispatched?

I am planning to add some code to link orders for those that create their account after a purchase has been made.

For now, I manually linked your order


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Thanks Sam, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sam, could you manually link my order too Please?

How long does dispatch/shipping normally take?
I am in the UK, but I’m so impatient once I have ordered something! :joy:

Cannot wait to play with this device!

PS, I ordered yesterday morning and I also encounter the issues posted in the OP.

Your order has now shipped and you should be able to track it under the Orders page or by following the link in the email.

You will receive it on Friday morning.

I’ve written a script to automatically add orders to accounts if the email matches. This runs at 3PM every day.

Let me know if it worked :slight_smile:



My order has been added! Fantastic!

Can’t wait to play with this baby, you have put a lot of work into it and it shows!

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Great, thanks for confirming.