NEW RetrOSMC RetroPie/EmulationStation Theme & Launcher

Greetings all, made some design/code contributions today to RetrOSMC from the outside to bridge your OSMC experience a bit.

New RetrOSMC theme for EmulationStation
Source: GitHub - OMGrant/es-theme-retrosmc: RetrOSMC Theme for EmulationStation

New RetrOSMC Launcher add-on with fixes and rebranding:
Source: GitHub - OMGrant/script-retrosmc: An updated launcher for RetrOSMC with updated fixes and rebranding


Here is howto install the BEAUTIFUL osmc-theme in emulationstation:

cd ~
sudo mv es-theme-retrosmc-master /etc/emulationstation/themes/osmc

Start RetrOSMC and in emulationstation:
press start
enter to ui-settings
press right in Theme set, and you should have OSMC as a theme to chose.

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Thanks @joakim_s!