New Router for Bridge Mode needed

Dear Community,

knowing about this great forum and it’s experts I need to drop a challenge I’am facing with my network equipment.

Firstly, let me introduce my current wired / wifi setup

Main router: Fritzbox to connect to Internet providing 5ghz / 2.4 ghz WIFI
4 gigabit lan ports used to bring wired internet to different rooms

Second router: Timecapsule
Used to further connect devices to internet via LAN ports
Also used as WIFI Bridge to create another 2 WIFI’s 5ghz / 2.4 ghz

Since the timecapsule now runs in it’s 10th year i want to replace the device.

What I need is essentially a gigabit port device ( min 4 ) and a wifi bridge --> so my conclusion is to buy a wifi router and set this device to bridge-mode.

Is anyone running a similar setup and could recommend a device, the wifi does not need to be fast (less than 500mbs) is sufficient since the devices connecting via wifi are rather slow.


TP-Link WDR4300 and flash openwrt on it.

perhaps the

Have a Fritz 7490 (master) and 4040 running in a mesh. WAN-port on 4040 used to bridge the devices so leaves 4 ports open on the 4040. Works quite nice.

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Access Point(AP) mode, should cover whats needed.

Thanks Tom.


actually i have an old 4790 here unused since my current fritzbox 7582 was needed for gfast.
so using the old fritzbox in mesh should provide wifi coverage + 4 gigabit lans…

nice, let me check.

You need FritzOS 7.x but it should work.