New router, made a booboo ('s)

Hi all,
My router broke down, installed a new one.
Forgot to use the same IP-range and ended up with 192.168.50.x instead of 192.168.1.x
While I setup the new wifi in the Vero box from the on screen settings and rebooted I kinda forgot this Vero is still looking for an SQL in the wrong place.
Now she only boots to a blank screen. Of course it’s wrong practice to have it point at an IP, I know.
However… SSH is disabled on that box, so can’t login and change settings and change fstab.
My other Vero luckily had SSH enabled and things were changed in a jiffy.

I rather not change my range to back 192.168.1.x again since everything else is setup (after a LOT of work on the iot things) as I am scared to break other things. Also I can’t change wifi settings back since it’s booting into a black screen.

Is there another way to change settings or enable SSH?

Thanks heaps!

If you plug in a keyboard pressing esc when the splash screen first pops up should drop you into the terminal where you can modify advancedsettings.xml.

Tried it with three different keyboards. But it doesn’t work.
Pressing repeatedly, keeping it pressed, booting while pressed. Doesn’t do a thing, system still boots.
First please wait, the the blue screen and then black.
I noticed the USB port only becomes active after the first splash screen.
I might add this is a Vero4k and not a plus. Would that make any difference?

That does seem to be not working at present. If you wait till the blue splash screen with the OSMC logo and then hold down the “CTRL” key after a number of seconds it will drop you to a login prompt.

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You sir are a trooper and a lifesaver!
CTRL did the trick. I was able to login.
After “nano-ing” the three files and made sure to use a hostname she’s up and running.
Thank you very much.
Again I learned something today.

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