New RPi official TV tuner 40 pin card

I see that RPT has released a TV tuner card that plugs onto the Raspberry Pi 40 pin connector … a HAT in all but name (Zero size).

Works with TV Headend and they have documented support within LE.

I expect it would work fairly easily with OSMC

Edited title and opening text to remove PiHut since it is Raspberry Pi themselves that have released it.


We received a couple of these a month or so ago; but I haven’t had much time to look at them yet.

They will be supported in the next update, so you can just install TVHeadend from App Store to use them.

This is an official Pi product developed by Raspberry Pi, not Pi Hut.


Just seen the RPi blog announcing it … so yes, official product

and at around 20GBP it makes it a good price for DVB-T2