New skin install - 4k frozen

I had successfully updated my father’s 4K+ to the Aeon MQ9 skin from the official Kodi repository and it went flawlessly.
I did the same to my 4k last night and unfortunately it’s hung on the loading screen. Even this morning.
a reboot did not resolve but I still have connectivity.

Is there a command i can send to the box to revert it back to another skin or the default one so I can access the Vero again?

Login via SSH and run grab-logs -A to grab logs so to check why it crashes.

You then can run sudo systemctl stop mediacenter then do nano .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml in that file search for line include and change it to this <setting id="" default="true">skin.osmc</setting>

Press CTRL-X and Y and Etner

Thanks, I pulled the logs, but haven’t looked yet - beauty of working from home. Doing it between Zoom Meetings :slight_smile:

Will edit the xml after my next call, appreciate the quick response, not sure why the install failed, maybe something else going on. We’ll see.

Thanks, that did the trick, I’m back on my original skin.
I uninstalled the MQ9 skin as well…will try one more time after work to download and install - maybe it got interrupted or something. Odd that it went without a hitch for the 4k+ and not my 4k.
Appreciate the quick reply and commands. Am saving those for future issues.

As an update, if anyone runs into this while trying to install the MQ9 skin, the solution was to hit the back key 2-4 times if it got hung on the screen with the circle after install. The skin loads then.
Fantastic looking skin.